Strategic Investor in Digital Health
We invest and collaborate to grow businesses
Medme is a strategic investor and it differentiates us from the vast majority of the venture firms, including those focused on digital health. Medme does not have a plan for exiting from our portfolio companies over time.
Strategically sustainable businesses on the edge of IT and medicine
We create a portfolio of synergetic assets

We exist for
...facilitating opportunities in health management, which improve quality and length of human life in any location on the globe using cutting edge technologies that generate more data about health enhancing foundation for new knowledge and opportunities. We always act in the interests of health. The results of our work develop the culture of health care.
We strive to
….become a major international strategic investor in digital health in just five years. Although we do financial transactions, our main focus is on creating valuable agenda for the international digital healthcare community and building a sustainable ecosystem for development of people in Medme and its portfolio companies. The growth effort of the company in 2016-2018 is focused on the clusters of Bordeaux, Turin and Wroclaw in addition to the domestic market.
The strategic planning horizon of Medme is usually longer and the requirements towards the practical outcome of the business models are much higher.
The process of selection of the target companies has distinctions defined by the company’s mission, vision and strategy:
We invest and collaborate to grow businesses
We are looking for sustainable business models, which work today, have clear options for tomorrow and realistic scenarios for 5-10 years horizon. We manage risks not by multiple stakes on different players, but through deep judgement about the industry.
In the high potential market segments
We build synergetic businesses in the markets, which are global and have 100+ billion dollar potential within next 10 years. We apply permanent effort to maintain an actual model of global healthcare industry as well as its different segments in their dynamics.
Built by solid ambitious teams
We plan to grow and mature with the start-ups that we invest. So, we are focused on people with significant global ambitions and motivation for the rapid and endless development of their skills and knowledge, open to change and hard work.
Under current policies we do not invest in medical devices and drug development.
Our Team:
Ilya Sloutsky
Managing Partner
Ilya Sloutsky is an entrepreneur with over 25-year history leveraged by many years of management position with a multinational business and significant experience in management, marketing and IT consulting. Discovering new global opportunities in emerging industry of digital health is slightly easier, when based on his cross industrial background.
Valentin Doronichev
Valentin Doronichev graduated as economist and spent more than 25 years in medical business as an entrepreneur, manager and investor. He is a co-founder of several major companies: ОМB – leading medical equipment and materials supplier, engineering and consulting; Invitro – the largest medical laboratory company in Eastern Europe; 3D Bioprinting Solutions – development of technologies and equipment for bioprinting;
Nikita Wilhelm
Chief Financial Officer
Nikita Wilhelm is a professional with more than 10-year experience in corporate finance management and M&A.
Medme builds infrastructure in the established clusters of digital health, where it operates, and monitors the market in the most innovative points on the map.
The two parts of Medme – investments and business management – determine the logic of the company’s international operations. We build long term relationships with the partners in established clusters of digital health (accelerators, incubators, VC funds etc.). It gives us an opportunity to monitor the new start-ups and also to help our portfolio companies to scale there operations in the other markets. At the same time we monitor the major hot points on the map, where innovators and entrepreneurs in digital health gather.
Medme geographical expansion plan