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Medme Group is a multinational technological healthcare company.
We provide services for customers and patients improving quality and efficiency of healthcare.

At the moment Medme is focused on medical reporting services in cardiology and radiology and pathomorphological diagnostics.

    We provide reporting in
  • Cardiology – ECG, Holter monitoring, ABPM
  • Radiology – X-ray, MRI, CT, US

We invest in business processes, systems and algorithms in order to increase productivity of reporting medical professionals.

Our IT systems consist of proprietary software and hardware integrated with the most advanced industrial solutions that helps us to deliver services of the highest quality at competitive price and within shortest possible turn around time.

We involve the best medical professionals to keep our clinical governance in all the countries matching highest standards. Our quality assurance policies and procedures focused on continuous improvement of quality and safety. Medme Group shares and transfers the best practices between the markets to maintain consistent services in all geographies.


Zekeringstraat 21 В, 1014ВМ Amsterdam